The Battle for British Islam

This blog site is run by author and broadcaster Tony McMahon who has written about racism and extremism and worked in this area. He writes in a personal capacity.

Across Europe and the United States, the politics of hatred is advancing.

Communities are becoming more polarised and less cohesive. Social media has been misused as a recruiting tool for hate-filled and violent ideologies.

This blog is about pushing back against those who seek to tear our societies apart – whether it’s the extreme Right or Islamist extremists.

Neo-fascists and Islamists┬ámay seem to be poles apart but in fact they have a symbiotic relationship. They feed off each other’s narratives, seeking to extinguish the middle ground. Both violent creeds have a contempt for democracy, equal rights and peaceful co-existence.

51qKPspyCxLThey make a lot of noise online. Sometimes it can seem as if we’re being overwhelmed by the extremists. But we want to push back against those who are trying to polarise us. We do not want to have narrow identities foisted on us that legitimise hatred against “the other”.

This blog promotes a number of books that have highlighted different forms of extremism and the history of both Far Right and Islamist ideologies. We want this to be a forum of debate for all those determined to defeat both neo-fascists and those who legitimise Islamist extremism.

We want to unite people of all faiths and none to defend our basic, decent human values. If you have had enough of blowhards, demagogues and populists spreading lies and hate amongst us – join this page and contribute to the debates.