Neo-Nazis celebrate Hitler’s birthday as Far Right views go mainstream in Germany

With depressing predictability, hundreds of neo-Nazis turned up in the east German town of Ostritz to celebrate, if that’s the right word, Hitler’s birthday. The event was described as a “Shield and Sword festival“.

In previous years, this might have been brushed off as something on the political fringe, but in this region of Germany, on the border with Poland, the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD) has taken about 30% of the vote in recent elections. The views of the far right are now going very mainstream.

The event’s website lists some of the bands that were set to play at Shield and Sword. These included: Kategorie C, Oidoxie, Bataillon 500 and Sons of Odin. Political organisations like the Aryan Brotherhood and the National Democratic Party appeared to be present.


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