The Rothschild conspiracy theory

It’s one thing to say that money makes the world go round – but quite another to pin the entire blame on one (Jewish) banking dynasty. The idea that the Rothschilds have been behind global wars and presidential assassinations used to be the preserve of cranks and fascists – but depressingly now surfaces on left-wing and Islamist-inclined websites.

The Austrian Marxist August Bebel once scathingly remarked that anti-Semitism is the “socialism of fools” – well, there are a growing number of people prepared to combine a perfectly understandable hatred for plutocrats with a thinly disguised anti-Semitism. Instead of taking aim at all the super-wealthy, they reserve a particular bile for those with Jewish ancestry.

And so, the Rothschilds have resurfaced at the centre of an old conspiracy theory now brought back to life through the power of social media. It even includes a story of the family profiteering from the Battle of Waterloo that was fabricated in a Third Reich produced movie. To cleanse your mind of this rubbish and to get the facts – visit Skeptoid and read their blog on the subject.

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